Past Projects

Media Diversity Institute works on projects that promote media and information literacy, better representation of minority groups in the media and combat disinformation around the world.

Get the Trolls Out! Combatting Anti-Semitic Hate Speech Online

This 14-month project strives to engage Europeans – especially young people – in activities that monitor antisemitic speech and incidents in Europe and counter these incidents and attitudes with fact-based messages and actions of inclusion that embrace Europe’s diversity. The aims of this project are to raise awareness of and counter antisemitic incidents, speech and politics; promote accurate, balanced and inclusive messages about Jews that counter misinformation spread by extremist discourse; involve young people in the social media sphere in...

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Morocco & Mauritania: My Vote Matters Too

The main objective of this project is to increase political participation and representation of women and other marginalised groups in the media, as well as to contribute to greater social cohesion by strengthening freedom of expression through the encouragement of greater inclusion and participation of marginalised groups such as different races, ethnic groups, women and youth in public life and the media. This project will enable a debate on media and diversity among key stakeholders and influential decision-makers, cementing inclusive...

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Inclusive Journalism Initiative: Reporting Europe and the Asia Pacific

The Inclusive Journalism Initiative: Reporting Europe and the Asia Pacific is a mobility project between four journalism university schools in Europe and New Zealand. The project, between the Auckland University of Technology (Auckland, New Zealand), the University of Canterbury (Christchurch, New Zealand), the Danish School of Media and Journalism (Aarhuus, Denmark) and the Swedish School of Social Science (Helsinki, Finland), involves the development of an inclusive journalism curriculum, the exchange of students and staff and joint research. According to the...

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INFOCORE: Identifying the Role of Media in Conflicts

INFOCORE (Informing Conflict Prevention, Response and Resolution) is international collaborative research, which aims to analyse the role of media in violent conflict. The project will investigate the role that the media plays in the emergence or prevention, the escalation or de-escalation, and the management and reconciliation of conflicts in three main regions: the Middle East, the West Balkans and the African Great Lakes area. The objective of the project is to come up with a set of recommendations which will...

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