DTCT: Detect Then Act

Detect Then Act is a European collaboration between civil society organizations, technology experts and academic institutions aiming to monitor and tackle online hate speech with multiple innovative strategies to help bystanders become up standers online.

Key Activities:

  • Will deploy artificial intelligence to monitor online hate speech and generate insight which can fuel compelling, data-driven campaigns.
  • Develop campaigns to convert bystanders into upstanders, building a community of influencers who are better equipped to challenge racism and xenophobia propagated on social media networks. Their efforts will be driven by the project’s technical platform which will function as an early warning system for racist rhetoric as well as a petri dish for effective counter-narratives.
  • Provide master training for EU trainers with experience combating hate speech in English, French, Dutch, German, and Hungarian
  • Master trainers will form teams of “upstanders” who will then be trained in how to detect, and act on online hate speech. Trainees will design memes, videos and other media outputs that promote positive discourse online.

Region/Country: Europe

Timeframe/Dates: September 2019 – September 2021

Lead Partner: TextGain

Funder: European Commission

Partners: Media Diversity Institute Global, University of Antwerp, Karel de Grote Hogeschool, E:M + MA, Universitat Haldesheim, DUiDT

Website: For more information on the project visit its website: https://dtct.eu/