Bosnia and Herzegovina: Reporting Diversity

Supporting the media in Bosnia and Herzegovina to facilitate post-war trauma recovery, as well as promoting reconstruction and the reconciliation across the ethnically divided country. Through cross-ethnic and cross-entity initiatives, MDI built constructive and influential relationships between journalists and news organisations. A “Reporting Diversity Resource Manual” was designed specifically for journalists from Bosnia Herzegoniva. A reporting diversity course was introduced into the journalism school jointly run by the Media Centar and the BBC; the “Reporter Weekly” newspaper (in Republika Sprska) introduced a special page devoted to diversity-related issues. The Media Plan Institute launched a “Building Tolerance Through Music” initiative to broadcast popular music from different communities across ethnic lines.

Region/country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Timeframe/dates: 1999

Funder: The Westminster Foundation for Democracy

Partners: Media Centar (Sarajevo), Media Plan Institute (Sarajevo)