Diversity in Media and Media Management Handbook

This handbook is based on the work of eight students from the Institute of Journalism and Communication Research (IJK) Hanover, Germany. The starting point for the research and development of this handbook was a Master’s class called “Diversity in Media Management”. One thing we have learned in this class is that it is important to be aware of your own privilege (individually but also socially) before talking about issues of diversity. We have become aware of that privilege.

As mostly white females and one woman of color we are well educated living in Western Europe. We spent a full semester studying and looking historically, institutionally and structurally at issues of diversity from different perspectives, as researchers and as students. With this handbook, we want to share that knowledge and draw attention to remaining diversity issues in the media industry. The topic of diversity is important for us because there is still no equality and equity regarding gender and/or ethnicities and other marginalized groups. With this handbook we want to make a contribution, create transparency and highlight issues in different media sectors.

Authors: T. Becker, A. Bührig, A. M. Duarte, E. Hopfe, E. Ludewig, M. Pavlovsky, A. Robben, I. Scarfò,  M. Tröger