“Reach! Engage! Change!”: MDI Media Relations Handbook for CSOs

“Reach! Engage! Change!” is an online media relations guide for civil society organisations publishyed by the Media Diversity Institute (MDI).

The author of the handbook is Danica Dasha Ilic, a freelance journalist and media trainer. Nawel Hafid Guellal, Founder & Executive Director of Human Development Network (HDN), wrote a preface to the Algerian edition. The handbook was translated by Farouk Tazerouti.

This edition has been partially based on “A Media Relations Handbook for Non-Governmental Organisations” by the author Sarah Silver, published by MDI and the Independent Journalism Foundation in 2003.  With updated content and new chapters dedicated to digital forms of communication, MDI believes that it has produced a new handbook that will be useful to a new generation of civil society activists. The potential readership of the handbook is not limited to CSO activists only. On the contrary, it can be useful for media professionals and journalists too.

Reach, Eengage, Change” Media Relations Handbook for CSOs.pdf