Youth in Media Mirror 2021

“Youth in the Media Mirror 2021” analysed the discourse of nine mainstream media on youth using a quantitative and qualitative methodology. It focuses on the models of reporting by youth websites on youth vaccination, mental health, and activism. It additionally analyses the gender dynamics and perspectives of Serbia’s YouTube scene.

An excerpt from the report’s summary:

“Youth portals have shown far greater sensitivity to reporting on youth activism than the mainstream media. Different levels of media engagement were observed: from simply transmitting invitations to participate in humanitarian and volunteer actions, through interviews with activists, to quality articles and podcasts that analytically consider the potential causes of insufficient youth engagement.

The final segment of the analysis was dedicated to the gender perspective of YouTube in Serbia, and the thematic analysis of nine channels of the most popular YouTubers showed that they most often create content that is equally intended for male and female audiences. (…) If we compare this year’s findings with those from the previous two years, we can conclude that YouTubers are a less visible part of the domestic YouTube scene: the most popular women’s channel is only in 12th place, and girls run only 10 of the 50 most popular channels in Serbia. However, although it is less visible, it is also – without a doubt – a visibly healthier part of domestic YouTube.”

Youth in Media Mirror 2021 Video: