Webinar: Conflict Reporting and the Russia – Ukraine War [Video]

Not every conflict gets widespread attention and media coverage. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has dominated headlines and changed global politics irreversibly, while also highlighting and challenging the power of independent information. While major international media outlets have war reporters in the country, social media users, regardless of them being citizens, politicians, reporters or trolls, are playing their part in sharing (mis/dis) information.

In light of first anniversary of the Russia-Ukraine war, Media Diversity Institute organised a webinar on Thursday 23rd of February. During the webinar, which was moderated by MDI’s Dasha Ilic, Elena Kostyuchenko, Artyom Liss, and Aidan White explored the ethical issues in media coverage by the Western, Ukrainian and Russian media, while addressing ways of strengthening the role of independent journalists on every side of the conflict.

You can watch the video below: