Media Diversity Institute Publishes New Inclusive Journalism Handbook

The Media Diversity Institute developed an Inclusive Journalism Handbook aimed at academics, journalism students and journalists providing them with the main principles of diversity and inclusion, responsible reporting in the age of increasing inequalities and divisions. The Handbook is an excellent resource not only for the journalists, academics, and students in the Chinese context but across the world. The authors of the Handbook are Dr. Verica Rupar and Dr. Chao Zhang .”

From the Handbook’s Introduction:

The handbook is aimed to be used as a textbook in journalism schools. It has been written in the context of China, but its content and examples would also serve journalism teachers elsewhere well. The first part of the book introduces theoretical and methodological frameworks. (…) The second part of the handbook presents Case studies, examples of the media coverage of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability, geography, social and marital status.”

For more information and to download click on the link below: