December 2022 Newsletter: A Year in Review

At the start of 2022, we published an article by Aidan White who wrote that diversity will be leading newsrooms. This much has been true. Russia’s invasion in Ukraine in February reopened discussions on the way war is reported; Masha Amini’s murder and Iran’s crackdown of protests brought attention back to repressive practices towards women; Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover created concerns over disinformation and the rise of online hate; the European Commission’s European Media Freedom Act published in September is set to strengthen and protect the EU’s free and pluralistic media. We, at Media Diversity Institute, have been closely following and covering global events and the way they impact diversity in the media. Our reporting is driven by the desire to understand and analyse trends which will inform our work in the years to come.

Our Highlights

This year has been eventful for Media Diversity Institute in several ways. Our work has brought us to events, conferences, webinars and training around the world where we highlighted the importance of diversity in the media. From Spain to South Korea, Poland to Sri Lanka, and Montenegro to Egypt we have shared our expertise with policy makers, journalists, media professional and students. Some of these event highlights include the World Journalism Education Conference, the workshop we funded in northern Syria, the Faith and Journalism Workshop, the 4th European Policy Dialogue Forum, and of course, the Fazana Media Fest in Croatia which we co-organised.

We have continued our successful work globally through our projects. Some project highlights include RDN 2.0’s large scale research on hate speech in the Western Balkans; MAGIC’s publications on reporting diversity and workshops for studentsGERIS network members’ exchange visits around the world; Get The Trolls Out! Sri Lanka’s work during a national crisis; MEDIADELCOM’s podcast series; COVINFORM’s work with hard-to-reach communities in the UK.

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Our Publications

Inclusive Journalism Handbook

This handbook is aimed at academics, journalism students and journalists providing them with the main principles of diversity and inclusion, responsible reporting in the age of increasing inequalities and divisions.

Online Campaigns from A to Z

Online Campaigns From A to Z’ has been designed to help you send your message to people who should hear it.

Report Diversity! Guidelines to Train Media Circles on Inclusiveness and Preventing Gender Islamophobia

Our MA at the University of Westminster

In February, we celebrated the tenth anniversary of our MA in Diversity and the Media which we have developed with the University of Westminster. Learn more about the MA by reading about the experiences of our alumni!